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Why quality and service is important to us

Trysil RMM AS wants their customers to be the main focus of their business. Erik Bakken is the After Sales Manager with Trysil RMM, and he believes satisfied customers depends on quality products. This is something his colleague, Project Manager Håvard Lepperød, also believes they need to deliver on, to ensure their customers get the work done.

“In my opinion, a focus on quality products with great durability is important to ensure satisfied customers. We also know that from time to time, something might happen to the machines, and if this happens it is important that we are quick to assist our customers”, Bakken says.

The importance of availability

Bakken has been working with Trysil RMM since 2001. He started his career with the company as a technical draftsman , and has been through many positions and held a variety of responsibilities on his journey to his current role as  After Sales Manager. Lepperød works as an engineer, and his work is mostly technically, while also following up on customers and projects.

“The machines have to work, at all times. We need to resolve questions and concerns as quickly as possible, whether this is through guiding customers over the phone or physically going out to see the customer”, Lepperød says.

One day at work with Trysil RMM can look very different from the other, and Bakken says they get all kinds of different requests that needs to be handled efficiently and with great care, and the approach will be different depending on what the customer needs help with.

“We check mail, look for new customer requests, supply customers with spare parts, answer customer questions over the phone, work on new development projects, find solutions to problems and much more,” Bakken explains.

Personal responsibility for customers

Since their customers mainly use Trysil RMM for their road-marking equipment, both Bakken and Lepperød are aware that they need to deliver on time and be available for the customers, should they need to get in touch with them.

“It is a small industry, where you get to know the customer, so we do feel a great responsibility for the machines to work and to be up to standards”, Lepperød says.

“We know that several of our customers have relatively short seasons, and many of them also depend on the weather conditions to perform their work. This makes it even more important that we are quick to assist them if needed”, Bakken elaborates.

Focus on what they are best at

Lepperød also focuses on how the machines are critical to the customers, in order to have their work performed as planned, and to meet set timelines.

“We have heard from customers that our strength is that we are good at following up with them, and this is something we are happy to hear and want to continue focusing on”, Lepperød.

This is something Bakken echoes, elaborating on the importance of efficient machines that are working as intended. Quality machines also needs to be backed up by a supplier that is there for the customers if they need to speak with them.

“We want to focus on what we are good at and what we know, with quality road-marking equipment and customer satisfactions”, Bakken says.